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A description of places to see in KwaZulu-Natal, KZN, South Coast in South Africa includingAmanzimtoti, Scottburgh, Hibberdene, Port Shepstone, Shelly Beach , Margate, Port Edward for places of interest such as bird watching, butterfly farm, coffee estates and coffee growing tours, crocodile farms, sardine run, lighthouses, museums, nature reserves,snakes and reptiles

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Beaver Creek Coffee Estate
Echo Valley Coffee

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Specialises in South African butterflies



Hundreds of crocodiles and numerous bird species, curio shop, art gallery and famous Crocpot Restaurant

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Sardine Run KZN


If you are visiting the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast around mid-June to early August you may be lucky enough to witness our annual Sardine Run (sardiops sagax – also known as pilchards). Renowned internationally as ‘THE GREATEST SHOAL ON EARTH' , these small fish arrive in wave upon wave in shoals of up to 3 km wide and over 10 km long … literally tens of millions of fish!

Accompanying these seething masses are hundreds of thousand dolphins, sharks, game fish and seabirds all lunging and plunging to get their fill. From shore, armed with seine nets, wastepaper baskets, shirts and bare hands mankind joins in the feeding frenzy; annually harvesting around 700 tons of these highly nutritious fish from the sea. Then one day they simply vanish till the following year.

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Three lighthouses offer protection for shipping along our KwaZulu-Natal South Coast.

From north to south these are:

  • Green Point Lighthouse - sited between Umkomaas and Scottburgh it warns shipping off the Aliwal Shoal, a world famous dive site.
  • Port Shepstone Lighthouse - on the southern shore of the large Umzimkulu River it was manufactured in England and shipped to South Africa in the 1890s to act as a signal station for the old Port Shepstone harbour. Call 039-682-2455 for more information
  • North Sands Bluff Lighthouse - sited at Port Edward it marks the southern most limit of KwaZulu-Natal waters and offers a magnificant coastal view. Contact 082-374-4114 for more details.

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Coastal Treasures MuseumPort Edward

Contact details

Tel. 039-311-1672 -

Jo Arkell's Pottery Studio. Old Pont Road, Port Edward


Margate Art Museum

Contact details

Tel. 039-312-8392 - Largest art museum in KwaZulu-Natal. Vikings Road, Margate


Port Shepstone Maritime Museum

Contact details

Tel : 039-682-2195

A graphic history of the trials and tribulations of the old Port Shepstone harbour



Wild West Museum RAMSGATE

Contact details

Tel : 039-316-8463

A whole herd of surprises awaits you at Ramsgate's Pistols Saloon



Bendigo Nature Reserve - Otuside Port Shepstone

Contact details

Tel : 039-695-1137


Empisini Nature Reserve CLOSE TO UMKOMAAS

Contact details

Tel. 039-973-0093

Exit 117 off N2 highway and follow signs

Wonderful birdlife, small mammals, hiking trails, overnight cabins, reasonable rates.


Mpenjati Public Resort Nature Reserve SOUTH OF MARGATE

Contact details

Contact 039-313-0531 or KZN Wildlife on 033-845-1000 for more information.

Hugging the coastline this great little reserve comprises an interesting blend of marked walking trails amongst wetlands, beaches, sand dunes, lagoon, grassland and lush coastal forest. Birdlife abounds and there are picnic spots, with ablution facilities, along both sides of the lagoon.


Lake Eland Game Reserve

Contact details

see Nature Trails & Adventures in Things to Do for information


Oribi Gorge Game Reserve

Contact details

Tel. 039-679-1644 Cell: 083-257-9468

See giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, rockart and 250 recorded bird species. Take N2 Oribi Gorge turnoff and follow signs


Petrified Fossil Forest Port Edward area

Contact details

Tel 039-311-1211

A never-to-be-forgotten prehistoric experience


River Valley Nature Reserve MARGATE

Contact details

Tel. 039-317-3474 Cell: 072-623-8568 Follow sign off Seaslopes Road just after Margate Country Club

Scenic walks through grasslands, coastal and riverine forest, abundant birdlife and small game, riverside picnic spot. Also camping, climbing and horse riding.


Skyline Nature Reserve between Uvongo and Margate

Contact details

Tel : 039-315-0112


Umtamvuna Nature Reserve closest to port edward

Contact details

Contact 039-311-2383 or KZN Wildlife on 033-845-1000 for more information.

KwaZulu-Natal's southern-most nature reserve, Umtamvuna is a sub-tropical river-hugging botanical Eden that offers spectacular variety of one to three hour hiking trails. It boasts several antelope species, baboons and monkeys and a wide range of birds.

View-site picnic areas offer welcome resting spots overlooking the Umtamvuna River and Gorge.


Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve near Scottburgh

Contact details

Contact KZN Wildlife on 033-845-1000 for more information.

just a short drive inland near Scottburgh, this reserve offers 56 different mammal species and 300 bird species all sharing densely wooded coastal forest and rolling grassland. Accommodation is also available in the form of a rustic 20-bed tree house and 2-bed huts.


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